Friday, July 25, 2008

Diablo III

Ever since Blizzard introduced the first Diablo game many moons ago I have been hooked. I recall countless hours slashing skeletons and picking up gold piles as I trudged thru the many haunted corridors in the various dungeons. Seeking new weapons and armor, as I battled the forces of evil. So I was very excited when they announced that they would be releasing Diablo 3.

The story picks up two decades later, and the worlds are rendered in stunning 3d detail. There are two character classes already revealed: The Barbarian and the Witchdoctor, but in the finished game there will be a total of 5 to choose from, both male and female. The environment is also new, and it allows players to set traps and use the destructible objects against your foes. It is based on the powerful Havok physics system. Blizzard has also stated that Battle.Net has been enhanced making it more enjoyable for cooperative online play. There is no release date as of yet, and I will be jonesing till this game comes out. ;)

Check out the 20 minute Gameplay trailer here.