Wednesday, July 27, 2005

DIY Solar Power Generator

Here is another kewl green project. It involves building a Soloar Powered Generator to run your stuff when the power goes out or for living off the grid. The generator uses parts easily available from your local stores, and will cost between $250 to $300.

Check it out here.


Windows Genuine Advantage Workaround

Okay Microsoft has done it again ;) They are now blocking anyone who is running a pirated version of windows from thier online updater. So all of you out there who this applies too, and you know who you are ;) Here is a little workaround to get by this unfortunate situation. I should note that even though they are blocking updates, you will still be able to get security patches and bug fixes for their lovely operating system.

Check out the workaround here.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Skype Software Applications

Not sure how many of you guys out there use SKYPE to communicate over the net. I have here and there, and plan on trying it out more. If you are not familiar with SKYPE, it is a free program used for making phone calls across your internet connection. It works very well with excellant sound quailty. Recently there have been some add on applications for it to enhance its functionality. I have highlighted two here:

Pamela-Systems Pro

This is the Swiss Army Knife for Skype. From answer machine to call recorder and automatic podcasting this solution provides a range of ways to personalize how you answer callers, what messages people get when you are away, etc.


This is a video application for SKYPE. The most important aspect of it, is how this program makes video calling easy. You can even set it so it connects as soon as a Skype call from another Spontania user comes in.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

DIY Green Energy

Okay I am no tree hugger, but with gas prices being so freaking high, and the fact that I am a homeowner, I have been looking into alternative energy sources. I found this list of DIY projects from everything to using solar energy to powering your car on veggies ;) I got interested in this when I watched a show on FX called "30 Days" which featured a couple who decide to live off the grid for a month. It was interesting to see how they did it and what sacrifices they had to make to be self sufficient. It is definitely beneficial to read, especially in places hit by rising energy costs and areas of natural disaster.

Check it out here


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dollar Bill Shirt :)

Okay here is a neat little bar trick to impress your friends. This is a how-to on taking a dollar or any bill for that matter and transforming it into a collared shirt. It looks pretty kewl. Make sure as with any dollar folding art, that you try and start with a crisp clean bill.

Check it out here.

Here are more designs you can create with money


Stuff On My Cat

Do you have cats? Are you a Cat Lover? Do you like to put stuff on your cat while it naps? Well apparently allot of people like to do just that, so much so they dedicated a website to it. It pretty nuts what some people will drop on a cat when it is snoozing ;)

Check it out here.


DIY Desktop Trebuchet

Okay for those of you out there asking what a Trebuchet is, here goes. A Trebuchet is a medieval siege engine, a weapon employed either to batter masonry or to throw projectiles over walls. Think Braveheart :) It is similar to a catapault, although unlike a catapault it uses a heavy counterweight to throw the projectile. I have always wanted to build one and hurl some pumpkins, frozen turkeys, and small marsupils at my neighbors house ;) What can I say he annoys me...But anyways here is a small scale desktop model of one that you can build and play around with.

Check it out here.


DIY Outdoor Cooling Mist System

There is nothing better than sitting outside and catching some rays during the summer months, but when it is like 90 degree with 100% humidity, it's not very refreshing. We have all seen Outdoor coolers for the yard. The mainly consist of your garden hose and a device that finely mists the water over your patio or deck cooling down the temperature around you and giving you some relief from the summer heat. They are usually not cheap. Here is a DIY solution that can be built with household items relatively inexpensively. These tend to only work well in areas that are HOT with very little humidity, since the water droplets need to evaporate.

Check it out here :)


Saturday, July 16, 2005

DIY MIRT (Mobile Infared Trasmitter)

What the heck is a MIRT you ask?? :) Well MIRT stands for mobile infared trasmitter. What can I do with a MIRT?, well they are used on emergency vehicles to go thru traffic and change the lights at certain intersections. Many traffic lights, mostly at busier intersections have an IR receiver on them, so that when a police or fire and rescue vechile approaches the light changes to green for them. These are the plans to build your very own, now mind you this is probably illegal in your state to have, and I assume no responsibility for your dumb ass getting caught with one of them ;) But if you want to build one anyways and play around with it, here goes:

Here is a video that talks about the tech behind it.

Here is the article on how to build your own MIRT.


Friday, July 15, 2005

Wi-Fi Security Test

Many of us are using Wireless Networks now-a-days. Some of us know how to protect those networks from prying eyes. If you are not sure if you are secure or not, here is a little Wi-Fi security test you can perform on your network.

Wi-Fi Security Test

Also for those looking to break into an unprotected wireless network. Here is a website which has 70+ war driving tools and utilities for your wireless hacking needs. :)

check it out here.


Sunday, July 10, 2005

ODEO: Podcaster's Delight.

ODEO launched today, go check it out. What is ODEO you ask ;) Well, ODEO is a free subscription based site which features tons of podcast content. Users can submit their own podcasts and search from various casts already on the site. The podcasts are tagged into many different categories, so there is allot of good content up there. For you Itunes users, you can download ODEO content right in Itunes providing you have the latest version 4.9.

What's a Podcast you ask??? (Podcasting is a method of publishing files via the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed and receive new files automatically. It became popular in late 2004, intended largely for downloading audio files onto a portable MP3 player. However, listening to podcasts does not require a portable player and it is not traditional "broadcasting" to a mass audience at a fixed time.

Check out ODEO today, click here.