Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Send Free Faxes - FaxZero

Faxzero is free online service that lets you send a PDF or Word document to any fax number in the USA. FaxZero prints an ad on the coversheet, but leaves the main pages uncorrupted (Ad-free faxes are about two bucks).

Check it out here.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Songbird - Music Player

What is Songbird you ask?? Songbird™ is a desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser mash-up. Like Winamp, it supports extensions and skins. Like Firefox, it is built from Mozilla, cross-platform and open source. It has allot of great features and is an awesome alternative to iTunes. I have been using it for a couple of days now and I love it!!!

More info here

Download Songbird now


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Musopen: Free Classical Music

Musopen, is a community driven, online music repository. ou'll find mostly classical music here, recorded and uploaded by various talented individuals and orchestras throughout the world. Browse music by performer, composer, instrument, form, or period

Check it out here


Free Office Templates

Do you you ever get stumped when starting to write a letter or just in need of some assistance for your next business memo? Well here are categorized links to 250 Office Templates courtesy of Microsoft that can be used to point you in the right direction. These can also be imported into the open source office suite: Open Office for all you non-loving MS people ;)
  1. Address books
  2. Analysis worksheets
  3. Advertisements
  4. Announcements
  5. Applications
  6. Banners
  7. Balance sheets
  8. Bills of sale
  9. Binder inserts
  11. Books
  12. Bylaws, policies, and rules
  13. Calculators
  14. Case inserts
  15. Catalogs
  16. Charts
  17. Coupons
  18. Dividers
  19. E-mails
  20. Estimates
  21. Evaluations
  22. Forecasts
  23. Games
  24. Identification cards
  25. Instructions
  26. Itineraries
  27. Job descriptions
  28. Journals
  29. Ledgers
  30. Logs
  31. Menus
  32. Maps
  33. Name and place cards
  34. Note cards
  35. Notes
  36. OneNote notebooks
  37. OneNote pages
  38. OneNote sections
  39. Outlines
  40. Paper folding projects
  41. Papers
  42. Petitions
  43. Posters
  44. Press releases
  45. Programs
  46. Proposals
  47. Quizzes and tests
  49. Recipes
  50. Records
  51. Reply cards
  52. Scorecards
  53. Sign-in and sign-up sheets
  54. Signs
  55. Stickers
  56. Surveys
  57. Tags
  58. Tickets
  59. Tournament brackets
  60. Trackers
  61. Wills
  62. With compliments cards
  63. Other templates

10 Killer Apps For Linux

1. Apache
Needs no introduction. The legendary web server app that probably almost every website runs on.

2. Synaptic/Adept/YUM
Package managers for making installing of software on LINUX systems more effortless..

3. Konqueror
Window File Managers simply cannot get better than this. Konqueror’s competitors - Finder and Explorer are nowhere near as good as it is.

4. Beryl/Compiz
Beryl is a compositing window manager for the X Window System. It is a fork of Compiz. It has many cool features, such as, Blur, Water, Desktop Cube, Animations, Trailfocus, Expose-like features, and Fading Windows.

5. AmaroK
Brilliant music player that is a great replacement for iTunes. Features include Podcasts, Internet Radio, Lyrics, Wikipedia information about the currently artist. Highly extensible with scripts and themes. The recent release also features a music store for digital music downloads.

6. K3b
Windows users would say Nero is way better than K3b in terms of features. But why the hell does a person who just wants to burn some discs also need a media player, an always-on media cataloging software, audio editor and other useless crap. K3b does what its supposed to do, has a great interface and does it perfectly.

7. Apollon (frontend for giFT)
This program is one of the best P2P software out there without doubt. It supports the FastTrack, Gnutella, Ares and OpenFT networks and has no added spyware.

8. MPlayer + MEncoder
MPlayer is that media player that you’ve always wanted - the one that can play absolutely anything and doesn’t cost an arm, a leg and a couple of toes. And if you’re part of “the scene” there’s no better software than MEncoder to to rip those DVDs, and convert them to AVIs. And if you’re not hardcore geek enough to handle the command-line interface there are about a couple of thousand GUIs for these two programs floating around the net.

9. Deskbar
The Deskbar applet for the Gnome Panel searches liles and folders, Wikipedia, browser bookmarks and history, dictionary,, address book contacts, Gmail and opens programs, web pages and even triples as a calculator.

10. Screem HTML/XML Editor
A very good HTML/XML code editor for creating websites. With Screem, you can use the markup you want rather than what the application thinks you need.


Free And OpenSource Software for Windows

Recently, I received a new laptop from Compaq. Upon receiving it, I did the traditional "installation of Windows from scratch" on it to remove a lot of the garbage that is preinstalled on these machines. Then I got really busy installing tons of great software that takes care of pretty much every software need I have. Not only was all of the software free, every piece of it was open source, which means that the code is peer-reviewed; no spyware here!

Replaces Internet Explorer
If you haven’t switched to Firefox for your web browsing needs, do it now. It stops annoying popups and it has tons of amazing plugins that can make surfing the web even better. The first thing I do on any new Windows machine is run Internet Explorer just long enough to download Firefox.

Replaces Microsoft Outlook or Eudora
Thunderbird is an email client that has five big things going for it: it’s free, it’s full featured, it’s lightweight and runs quick, it has an unparalleled spam filter, and it protects you from those ridiculous phishing attacks by clearly indicating which emails send you to a bogus website. If you’re not already using a web-based email solution, Thunderbird should be your client.

Replaces Microsoft Outlook’s calendaring functions
Might as well get the Mozilla trifecta out of the way by mentioning Sunbird, which is the Mozilla Foundation’s calendaring program. It’s extremely easy to use and works great

Replaces Microsoft Word
Want a good word processor but find Microsoft Word too expensive? AbiWord is my favorite replacement for Word. It’s lightweight (meaning it runs quickly) and includes pretty much every feature in a word processor, plus it can save files in formats that you can exchange with Word and WordPerfect users, plus open any of their files, too.

Replaces Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint
If you want to replace the rest of the Office suite, your best bet is OpenOffice. It includes very nice replacements for Excel and PowerPoint (and workable replacements for Access and other Office elements).

Replaces Norton AntiVirus or McAfee
ClamWin is a slick anti-virus software that’s quite easy to manage and is unobtrusive while keep your system free of viruses.

Replaces AIM, Windows Messenger, etc.
This is a very clean instant messaging program that allows you to be on AOL Instant Messenger, Windows (MSN) Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger simultaneously with one program.

Replaces Adobe Photoshop
This is a version of the GNU Image Manipulation Program that does a pretty solid job of imitating Adobe Photoshop - a regular user of Photoshop can adapt to it quite quickly. It’s very richly featured and runs quite well.

Replaces LimeWire, BearShare, etc.
Sure, LimeWire and BearShare are free, but why not just get the same basic software without all of the spyware? Gnucleus is pretty much identical to those software packages - but without all that extra junk that slows down your computer.

VLC Media Player
Replaces Windows Media Player, Quicktime, RealPlayer, etc.
If you get tired of having tons of media players on your computer, get this package that runs pretty much every media type you’ll run across without breaking a sweat.

Juice lets you effortlessly subscribe to podcasts, organize them, and listen to them at your convenience.

If you’re interested in recording your own podcast, Audacity and a microphone are pretty much all you need to get the job done.

Replaces WinFTP
Many people occasionally have a need to FTP files to other computers; if you ever have the need to transfer files in such a fashion, FileZilla will do the job slickly and quickly.

Keynote is basically designed specifically for the task of taking notes on a laptop. If you ever find yourself in a meeting or a presentation with your laptop open and want to jot down notes and organize them just a bit, Keynote is unquestionably the program for you.

Replaces iTunes
If you’re not already committed to downloaded music from the iTunes Music Store, then MusikCube is the best choice available for a music organizer and player. It organizes your mp3s, makes it really easy and really fast to find them.

Handbrake enables you to stick a DVD in your DVD drive and have the contents of that film stored to your hard drive in a form that can be read by pretty much any media player. I often use it to put a few movies on my laptop for travel purposes.

X-Chat 2
Replaces mIRC
X-Chat is a free IRC client.

KeePass is a program that securely stores and manages the abundance of passwords we all use on a daily basis.

TrueCrypt enables you to convert a memory stick into a strongly encrypted data storage device, meaning that you can store personal data on it without worrying about losing it and having personal information get out and about.

Replaces Adobe Acrobat
PDFCreator creates a virtual printer on your computer that, if you print a document to it from any program, creates a PDF of that document that can be read on any computer with Acrobat Reader on it. After installing PDFCreator, all you have to do is print like normal and out comes a PDF!

Freemind is a "mind mapping" software program. In essence, it enables you to brainstorm and link together ideas quickly, creating "maps" of concepts similar to what you might do on a whiteboard.

NASA Worldwind
Replaces Google Earth
WorldWind is very similar to Google Earth in that it allows you to browse the globe. While it isn’t strong for creating maps (but why not just use Google Maps for that?), it is utterly incredible for viewing three-dimensional landscapes of any place on earth.

Replaces Notepad
Notepad2 is a replacement for the traditional Windows Notepad that just adds a few sweet little features: multiple documents; line, word, and character counts; and some highlighting of tags.

Replaces Microsoft Project
If you do any project management GanttPV does a brilliant job of managing the task quickly, easily, and freely. If you need to move to MS Project later, you can export from GanttPV to Project

Replaces Microsoft Money or Quicken
GnuCash is a slimmed-down version of the bloated Microsoft Money and Quicken packages. The interfaces are incredibly simple - it functions much like a checkbook ledger on your computer.

True Combat: Elite
Replaces Quake IV, Halo, etc.
It’s basically a third person combat game, but the graphics are spectacular and the game is quite addicting.