Sunday, December 03, 2006

10 Killer Apps For Linux

1. Apache
Needs no introduction. The legendary web server app that probably almost every website runs on.

2. Synaptic/Adept/YUM
Package managers for making installing of software on LINUX systems more effortless..

3. Konqueror
Window File Managers simply cannot get better than this. Konqueror’s competitors - Finder and Explorer are nowhere near as good as it is.

4. Beryl/Compiz
Beryl is a compositing window manager for the X Window System. It is a fork of Compiz. It has many cool features, such as, Blur, Water, Desktop Cube, Animations, Trailfocus, Expose-like features, and Fading Windows.

5. AmaroK
Brilliant music player that is a great replacement for iTunes. Features include Podcasts, Internet Radio, Lyrics, Wikipedia information about the currently artist. Highly extensible with scripts and themes. The recent release also features a music store for digital music downloads.

6. K3b
Windows users would say Nero is way better than K3b in terms of features. But why the hell does a person who just wants to burn some discs also need a media player, an always-on media cataloging software, audio editor and other useless crap. K3b does what its supposed to do, has a great interface and does it perfectly.

7. Apollon (frontend for giFT)
This program is one of the best P2P software out there without doubt. It supports the FastTrack, Gnutella, Ares and OpenFT networks and has no added spyware.

8. MPlayer + MEncoder
MPlayer is that media player that you’ve always wanted - the one that can play absolutely anything and doesn’t cost an arm, a leg and a couple of toes. And if you’re part of “the scene” there’s no better software than MEncoder to to rip those DVDs, and convert them to AVIs. And if you’re not hardcore geek enough to handle the command-line interface there are about a couple of thousand GUIs for these two programs floating around the net.

9. Deskbar
The Deskbar applet for the Gnome Panel searches liles and folders, Wikipedia, browser bookmarks and history, dictionary,, address book contacts, Gmail and opens programs, web pages and even triples as a calculator.

10. Screem HTML/XML Editor
A very good HTML/XML code editor for creating websites. With Screem, you can use the markup you want rather than what the application thinks you need.


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