Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mini Me Website

Here is a little gem that I came across today, which I find both intriguing and a little creepy. For a small fee of $70.00 bucks, you can have them make a cartoon stuffed animal of you. It reminds of those caricatures that you see at the carnival only in 3-D form.

Check it out here.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5 Useful Apps Worth Downloading

Here is a small collection of some useful and free applications I have used and like.

Avidemux - This handy free application allows you to edit, filter and encode various video file formats. Granted it is no Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere but it will get the job the done.
CDBurnerXP - I have used a number of CD burning software over the years, but this one is light and works great for all my needs.
CCleaner - Here is an awesome tuneup application for windows. It can clean out the registry fragments, as well as, get rid of your browsing history and internet demons.
Dropbox - This little app gives you 2 gb of online storage for all your pictures, music, and docs that you can access from anywhere online. You can sync the files across multiple computers.
Comodo EasyVPN - This application sets up a virtual network between any computers you install the program on. It is like being in front of each one remotely.


Websites That Help Pass The Time.

Have some time to kill between flights, on your lunch hour or that boring meeting with HR on fork-lift safety training. Well here are some sites that can capture your attention for awhile. Most of these are a real time sink but allot of fun to play around with.

Bubole - This little site lets you create a monster and fight other monsters that users have created.
Safety Graphic Fun - This little gem highlights some of the funnier signage we need in lack of common sense.
Virtual NES - Ahhh the joys of 8-bit. This site lets you play all the original NES games online for free and in your browser. Game on!
Answerbag - Post a question about anything and have it answered within minutes. Hmmm....what is the meaning of life? or Why does it hurt when I pee? could be useful ;)
FailBlog - A website that highlights the finer Epic fails in life. There are photos and videos that will keep you laughing for awhile.
Songza - A site that allows you to search the nets for songs and play them as much as you like. You can create playlists and share them with your friends.
Monoface - Think of this site like a real Mr. Potatohead. You create crazy mashups of people using any number of combinations of body parts.
There, I Fixed It - Not being very handy myself I can relate to some of these homemade solutions on fixing things.

Let me know if you have any others you would like to share?


It's Been Awhile

Well it has been awhile since I have posted anything, sorry for the lack of information flowing from the blog. I have been busy with work, life, and a devout addiction to video games :) But now I have some time to get writing again. I will be writing about things I find across the nets on a more regular basis.

Stay tuned for more goodness!