Friday, May 25, 2007

Are people borrowing your bandwidth? Make it fun for them (or go get a baseball bat!).

Even though I spent my Junior and Senior year at UConn borrowing my neighbor's internet connection, I have since repented and feel that I should be an advocate against such evil doings..

Alright.. Let's be real.. I never repented, but it is wrong. I mean, what if it happens to you?
HA.. Screw with them.

Find out how here.

Swag Sparrow
Fellow Pirate and Instigator

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Better Gmail

Attention all Gmail AND Firefox (together in unison.. Not on it's own.. Whoop Whoop) users - CAN YOOOOUUUU DIG ITTTTT!?!?!

Better Gmail

No need to explain - just get in the game.

HINT: Skinning it in "Super Clean" gives you the ability to right click over an email and see the whole thing without opening it.

Keep it Sleazy,
The Poetic Swagson

IPOD A/V Connector Kit for $36

With the pirate revolution growing stronger everyday, it is inevitable that the screen size on your iPod's aren't going to do justice to that Screener of Shrek 3 that you have in your possession.

This combined with the fact that Apple wants $100 for their A/V kit, makes for some tough decision making, and quite possibly a pissed off wife, husband, life mate, or personal servant. has come to the rescue (via in offering Cables to Go's A/V Connection Kit for just about $36 beans.

This rig comes with everything that the Apple version comes with, sans the little Apple logo.


Salty Old Uncle Swag

Monday, May 21, 2007

"When pushed... Killing is as easy as Breathing" (Amazing Rambo IV Content!!)

When I was a kid, I got a Rambo combat set for a birthday my mom threw me at Burger King Palace. It was one of the best gifts I was ever given - complete with canteen, grenades, and the replica Gil Hibben knife - though this one was plastic and rubber. Since then I have had a sick fascination with the life of John J. Rambo. So much so, that I could quote him all day...

NOW, I know this is a bit off topic of what General D has been providing, but I know he won't smack me around for this: THE 3 MINUTE AND 29 SECOND TRAILER THAT THE LORD HIMSELF PROVIDED TO US ON THIS GREAT DAY FOR "RAMBO IV" aka "JOHN RAMBO" :

"They drew first blood. NOT ME!"

Kid McGuire,
Refugee All Star

Sunday, May 20, 2007

ColorBlender - Color Matching Tool

There are so many times when I designing a website and have a specific color scheme I want to go with but have trouble matching up complimentary colors to go with it. Here is a nice free online tool that will allow you to color match and blend colors together to obtain a matching palette. The palette can then be downloaded and saved for importing into Photoshop. There is also a gallery of premade palettes you can grab, made by the online community. All in all it is a very slick and valuable resource for anyone designing websites or printed media.

Check it out here.


HTML And CSS Cheat Sheets

Many of us are either already in the design industry or wanting to learn. Well for those of you just getting into web design, or for those of us who want a quick reference sheet for the times when you forget the specific tags and how they are used, here are some nice hand dandy cheat sheets to remind you. There is one for CSS specific tags and one for good old HTML.

Download HTML Cheat Sheet
Download CSS Cheat Sheet


77 Free Vector Buttons

Similar to the previous post, here is an awesome set of 77 vector buttons all for free. Use these in your website projects or print applications. They are very clean and can be edited to suit your needs.

Download the Illustrator CS2 file
Download the JPEG


165 Free Vector Icons

We all like things that are free, well here is a nice set of 165 scalable vector Icons that can be utilized for your website or print projects. They are very clean, stylish and easy to use. Go grab them today kiddies ;)

Download Illustrator CS2 File
Download SVG File
Download JPEG File


Friday, May 18, 2007

Pimping Out Ubuntu: Enlightenment Engage Dock

From time to time we all need to admit to our faults in life. One of mine is that I love the way a MAC OS desktop looks. Another one, is that I love Apple's integrated Program Dock.

I've been personally using ObjectDock by Stardock on my PC for almost a year now, and I think it's the bees knees. It keeps my desktop tidy, while offering plenty of space for all of my bit torrent downloads. It can be found here:

But, let's be honest here - while we're amongst friends and fellow pirates - I'm getting darn tired of paying for Bill Gates' bar tab supporting the Microsoft world. Knowing that most of you are too, and knowing that most of you have turned to the dark side of the Open Source OS, I offer the ability to pimp your desktop out, without much hassle:

Enlightenment Engage Dock

Rock out my little heathens.. Rock out indeed!

S. McG

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Shhh... Just do it:

Mone Cappy

Useful Ubuntu Links

I have been using Ubuntu for awhile now on two of my laptops and I have to say it was incredibly easy to setup and installing applications on it have come a long way. I love the customization and flexibility you have with the OS. I am all about open source these days and even on my Windows boxes I use mostly open source software. Here is an awesome collection of links on everything Ubuntu related. a great resource for anyone wanting to get their hands dirty and try this OS.

Check it out here.


Same Ole' Boring Desktop

I figure, for my first post, that I'll start off low and slow in attempt to not scare anyone out there. So, here goes...

I know that most of us are tired of the tired icons available to us and our folders on our desktops, within these folders, and found throughout our hard drives.. AND, I know most of you out there have probably changed them.. BUT, I think I am right in saying that you've had to travel the internet universe to find those icons that are just right for you and your personality.

WELL.. Search no more my sweet friends, for I found the mother load of icons here.
(actually, Mrs. Captain Swag found them.. So she deserves the credit..)

Nonetheless, rock out on that for a while.

The Cap'n