Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Skype Software Applications

Not sure how many of you guys out there use SKYPE to communicate over the net. I have here and there, and plan on trying it out more. If you are not familiar with SKYPE, it is a free program used for making phone calls across your internet connection. It works very well with excellant sound quailty. Recently there have been some add on applications for it to enhance its functionality. I have highlighted two here:

Pamela-Systems Pro

This is the Swiss Army Knife for Skype. From answer machine to call recorder and automatic podcasting this solution provides a range of ways to personalize how you answer callers, what messages people get when you are away, etc.


This is a video application for SKYPE. The most important aspect of it, is how this program makes video calling easy. You can even set it so it connects as soon as a Skype call from another Spontania user comes in.


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