Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hacking the iTrip

A lot people use the iTrip from Griffin Technology as a way to interface their Ipod with their FM car stereos. In fact is a great wireless FM Transmitter. But the problem is that it has a very short range, and the signal starts breaking up very easily. Here is a little hack from I-hacked that shows you how to extend the range to around 60 feet and clear up the sound.

Steps to Follow:

1. First, use a razorblade to pry the unit open.
2. Get a paperclip and tightly wrapped a long section of copper wire around it like a spring.
3. After taking the copper wire off the paperclip, slide it over the existing antenna, then with a section of heat shrink to seal it
4. Pop it back together, there shouldn't be any more static, and the range should be increased to like 60-70 feet away.


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