Sunday, October 08, 2006

How to Quiet Your Neighbours' Radio With an Ipod

We all have them, neighbors who annoy us or get on our nerves playing music too loud or doing other kooky shit. Well here is a little trick to fight back. If you have an ipod or other FM transmitter, you can effectivley silence the radio or broadcast your own stuff coming from their stereo. Here's how:

1.) Get an iTrip mini (if you have an iPod 3G(with the 4 buttons and dock connector), 4G (black and white screen or color screen that cannot play videos; click wheel) or iPod mini), an iTrip Nano (for iPod Nano) or the new dock-connecting iTrip (for video or nano). all of these are easy to use and have extendable aerials.

2.) Extend your iTrip's aerial. On a iTrip mini, the aerial should be underneath a white sticker on top. On the dock connector iTrip, it should be on the back (you will need a pencil or pin to access it) and on the iTrip nano, it is under a sticker on the bottom).

3.) Using a standard FM radio, try and get to the same station that your noisy neighbours are listening to. Once you have found it, tune your iTrip to it.

4.) Next, get as close as you can to your neighbours' house without looking suspicious. Then finally play your music over your iTrip and you should hear YOUR favourite songs from THEIR stereo!

To improve your signal quality, skin the aerial and stick it into the AERIAL IN port of an FM signal booster. Then plug a TV aerial to the RADIO OUT port of the signal booster. If your booster has more than one RADIO OUT/TV OUT, plug in as many aerials as you can into the relevant ports and place them as close to your neighbours' house. You can get better coverage!

Enjoy your peace and quiet ;)


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