Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Best Free Online Productivity Tools

Online Office Suite

ThinkFree Office Online - These are java applications and take about a minute to open up the first time you run them, but after being run once, they can be opened very quickly. ThinkFree opens and saves to standard Microsoft Office formats: DOC, XLS, PPT. They can even save to PDF. Basically, you open up local files and can save them on your hard drive. If you want to save them to ThinkFree's servers, they give you 30MB of storage space.

Online Personal Information Manager

Backpack - Backpack is essentially on online note taker. It allows you to input text, insert images, create to-do lists and attach files. You can schedule reminders that will email you or contact your cell phone.

My Yahoo - This contains a full suite of PIM (Personal Information Manager) tools that truly are excellent. To-do lists, notes, task managers, calendars, they're all here. Additionally, they integrate with every major PIM software package like Outlook and Palm.

Online Project Manager / Project Tracker

Basecamp - The free version allows you to track one project at a time, but allows an unlimited number of clients.It's primary functions are to share, prioritize and assign tasks and to schedule due dates and milestones. You can, of course, also share notes within your organization.

Online PDF Creator / PDF Converter

Online PDF Converter - Online PDF Converter converts an amazing number of formats to PDF files. If you desire, it will watermark your PDF or encrypt it using Adobe's Acrobat encryption method. Limit of 1MB per file.


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