Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Web Design / Development Podcasts

I am always looking for new resources in web design and development. I recently came across these Audio and video podcasts that highlight design news, new web technologies and applications, and the latest trends in the design and development field.

Web Design

Boagworld - This long running podcast interviews allot of experts in the web design field.
The Rissington Podcast - A humorous podcast that answers questions from it's design user base.
Audible Ajax - Discuss the latest news on Ajax and the changes in the field.
Web Axe - This podcast covers web accessibility issues.
Rookie Designer - Podcast covers a variety of web design topics.

Web Design TV Videocast - Covers various web applications
Adobe Creative Suite Video Videocast - Tools and features of Creative Suite 3 Videocast - Based on the award winning training videos on design.
Photoshop User TV - Tutorials and tips in using Photoshop
Layers TV - Everything Adobe
Photoshop Killer Tips - Tips and tricks for photoshop

I will add more to the list going forward. :)


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