Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This Week In Tech

Every week I will highlight some of the latest Tech topics I have come across on the net.  Below are a few I thought were interesting.

1.) BMW Introducing Laser Headlights - BMW is designing headlights that use lasers instead of LED.  The laser light is more efficient than LED and uses less power.  It can be directional and the intensity can be tailored depending on road conditions.  Plus if I get road rage I can cut the car in front of me in half ;)

2.) LIFI: Using LED light to transmit data thru the airways. - Scientists are developing a way to use LED lights utilizing a micro-chip to transfer data across the airways.  The plus side is the infrastructure is already there.  The visible light spectrum is allot larger than WiFi, and visible light does not go thru walls so it is more secure than traditional wireless. 
3.) Invisibility Cloak for Tanks - A British firm has developed a way of cloaking tanks in the infrared spectrum. The Adaptiv cloaking technology system can make a tank look like an SUV or even a cow standing in a field.

So there you have it folks.  Some of the cool projects people are working on for the future.  I will post more as I come across them in my travels.


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