Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How to Pick a Good Online Password

Here is a technique to pick easy-to-remember passwords, that are hard-to-guess for your favorite web sites:

You can customize passwords for every site in the same way. For example, if your name is David Webb and your favorite number is 69, simply incorporate that into every password. You can also use a certain number of letters from the site. Want to login to Yahoo? Maybe your password is db69yahoo. How about Hotmail? dw69hotmail, etc.

Another technique is to pick the upper right key on the keyboard for every letter of a common word you will not forget. So, for example. If your child's name was Susy. You would pick an E for the S, an 8 for the U and so on. The password would be e8e7. As long as you do not forget the word or the upper right key to encode it you are golden.

Hope this helps....Of course you could always give your password for safe keeping ;)


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