Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Free iPod Content

Where to start

Apple's iTunes is your first stop. Think of iTunes as a convenient distribution jukebox. Though many podcasters have their own websites, iTunes makes finding new material easier than searching the whole web -- just browse iTunes' podcast categories to see what's available.

Want more? Find a podcaster you like, and follow the links in their blogrolls. Or browse the podcast directories:

Podcast Alley
Podsafe Music Network
Yahoo Podcast Search

Video and enhanced podcasts

Enhanced podcasts can be viewed in iTunes and on the color iPod and the nano (the audio will play on earlier iPods, but they won't display images, of course). Video requires a brand new iPod, but most video clips will appear in the iTunes Video menu, and can be played in iTunes and added to any playlist.

  • NASA's Ask an Astronomer videos. A NASA astronomer answers questions from kids, like "Do the stars really move?" Clever animations illustrate the tricky concepts, providing educational fun for kids (and this reviewer, too). Subscribe on iTunes.
  • The FrenchPodClass. Sebastien, a native French speaker living in the United States, uses audio, video and surprisingly helpful PDFs to give one reviewer optimistic ideas about New Year's resolutions. For example, see Lesson 1 audio (PDF review) and Lesson 22 video (PDF review). Subscribe on iTunes.

  • YOGAmazing Video Podcast. A tiny personal trainer in your iPod is just right for a short break at work or an impromptu workout at the park. Try out Episode 13, Yoga for Depression. Subscribe on iTunes.
  • The 64mm Vlog. Fans will enjoy watching other skateboarders ride in these simple, personal videos, like Girls on Ramps. Subscribe on iTunes.
  • NBA Video Podcasts. Baseball lovers will enjoy the official NBA videocast. Subscribe on iTunes.
  • Tuscany Pod Travels TV. A group of Italians who podcast video tours at Tuscany.PodTravels.tv also create charming cooking lessons like this one, Pappardelle Noodles with Duck.
  • KCRW Arts & Culture: Good Food Podcast. Santa Monica College radio's enthusiastic foodie podcast interviews top chefs and features their recipes. It also offers tips about seasonal produce to look for at the market, at least in California. It's enough to make you hungry. Sample "Chocolate Desserts; Ethnic Sides; Vegan Fusion; Swedish Christmas; The Richest Fruitcake; Hanukkah." Subscribe on iTunes.
  • Winecast. In Winecast, wine lover Tim Elliott shares interesting stories about varietals and growing regions, tasting notes and reviews of wines he buys at local markets. Here's his Winecast 47 about Beaujolais Nouveau.


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