Thursday, January 26, 2006

XBMC - XBOX Media Center Project

This is a great little project for anyone who wants to get the most out of their Xbox. After a couple of hours messing around with config files and online menus, I successfully got my XBOX chipped, flashed the BIOS, upgraded the HD to a 30 GB and installed the latest build of XBOX Media Center.

Release…….: XBox Media Center 1.1.0
Skin………….: Project Mayhem III

It wasn't the easiest of tasks without any real, straightforward instructions, most of the stuff I found was written in the Online XBMC manual, or found in various forums, but once I got it working it is awesome.

I then bought a wireless game adapter, and networked my Xbox, the media center gives me access to all of the videos, music, Podcasts, audiobooks and photos stored on my regular computer from my TV in my living room. The video and audio streaming worked flawlessly and I can FTP into the box and update and transfer files.

I also have a few DVD’s backed up on my computer using DVD Shrink 3.2, which compresses them down to a specified size with minimal quality loss and played them on the Xbox

Best of all, there are emulators for all the old gaming systems, specifically, MAME, NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Genesis and more. I can now play all the old arcade classics of yesteryear on my XBOX.

The networked Xbox also can access all my music in iTunes, I can get my playlist listed and the music streams to my TV.

There are many plugin scripts for the system available, lots to stream video content from the web, a couple of my favorites are the Apple movie trailers, which works flawlessly and CNN Videos, which is like a video on demand of all the latest news headlines.

The XBMC is really quite and impressive multi use media PC. XBMC can be used with the Xbox DVD remote or any of th various Xbox controllers including wireless. The button config can be a little tricky, but once you figure it out it works great.


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