Saturday, March 11, 2006

101 Free Games

Being a hardcore gamer I play allot of new titles out there. From strategy based games to FPS to adventure style RPG's I love them all. Usually these games are between $30.00 and $50.00 bucks, leaving the budget conscious gamer to be very selective. Well for those who just want to pass the time and not pay anything for some worthwhile distraction, comes a listing of Free Gaming titles anyone can download off the net for free.

Some of the titles are pretty kewl and worth taking a look at:

Cave Story
You get it all right here. Action. Adventure. RPG elements. Platforming. And it all comes in under 1MB.

Daikatana--Game Boy Color
Straight from the homepage of John Romero comes his blessing to download the Game Boy Color version of Daikatana. Here's the crazy part: It's actually not bad for an adventure/RPG.

Dungeon Siege: Copperhead
Proof that some good things can come from Dungeon Siege, this sci-fi total conversion is a free game that's good enough to pay for. More interesting news: A Copperhead take on Far Cry is also in the works.

Dungeon Siege: Ultima V: Lazarus
More good things from Dungeon Siege. These guys have re-created the classic Ultima V with this Dungeon Siege mod. We dug it so much that we gave it a review (check out page 88).

Eternal Daughter
Addictive, fun, and in the vein of all those early '90s Nintendo RPGs, Eternal Daughter is a must-play bit of freeware, especially for Nintendo fanboys.

Flight of the Amazon Queen
FOTAQ is a throwback to the simpler days of LucasArts-style adventure games. This classic has it all: crazy Nazi scientists, great dialogue, and lots of puns! If you want the whole experience, download the CD version.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The classic Infocom text adventure is back, it's an online Web game, and now, technically, it's a graphic adventure.

Mount & Blade
This isn't a typical RPG. Sure, it's got your standard stat building, but combat takes place with third-person action. It's a little primitive but certainly worth the free download.

To see a full list of freebies, head on over to and get your gaming fix.


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