Thursday, March 09, 2006

Grabbing Free Music Using Streams

We all love free stuff right. Well here is a way of grabbing some free music using an application called StationRipper. StationRipper allows you to Record Internet Radio Stations and broadcasts. It will record Shoutcast streams, video streams and podcasts.

Some of its features are:
  • Record Shoutcast Audio and Video streams, and Podcasts.
  • Records up to 600 streams at one time. Although the free version only allows 2 streams at a time.
  • Auto-download Album art.
  • Integrate with iTunes - auto-generate iTunes playlists of songs recorded.
  • Keeps track of the songs you've already recorded, only keeping the songs you don't already have.
Check it out here or download the application and try it out for yourself.


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