Friday, August 13, 2010

Awesome Adobe AIR Applications

Adobe AIR applications are web applications that are built in HTML, JavaScript, Flash and ActionScript and can run on your desktop free from the use of a browser.  There are many different ones out there in a variety of categories.  Here are a few that I find useful for design or general internet goodness.  You can get the Adobe AIR installer here.

Web Design:

PolarisA free desktop reporting client for Google Analytics.  The free versions allows you to manage one website.
WebsnapshotA great tool for capturing screenshots.  This application allows you type a URL then take a snapshot using one of the three sizing methods; Thumbnail, Browser or fullpage view.
Shrink-O-MaticThis AIR application allows you to easily (batch) resize (shrink) images. It handles JPGs, GIFs and PNGs.
Font PickerThis app allows you to find the correct font for the job.
TimelocA desktop widget that keeps track of the time you have spent working on a job or project. It will also tally up the dollar amount based on your hourley rate.

Social Media:

FacedeskThis application is a stand-alone Facebook updater and surfing tool.
MINI DIGG - A Digg client that brings the latest news from Digg to your desktop. You can also store the articles on your machine.
TwhirlThis app allows you to connect to multiple Twitter accounts


Pandora Desktop
The Desktop Application that plays your Pandora stations right from your machine without using a browser.
ebay DesktopSearch, bid, browse, and watch your auctions all from your desktop.
Craigslist DesktopThis application is easy to use and saves you time with saved searches and the ability to view pictures.
EarthBrowser – Browse the planet to check out the weather, current earthquake data and much more.


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