Tuesday, November 02, 2010

10 Geek Skillz Worth Knowing

1.)  How to defeat most keyloggers on public computers - Keyloggers can be found on any PC floating around in the public sector.  Here are some methods for preventing your data from being ganked.  Read More

2.)  Crack the Account Password on Any Operating System - We have all forgot our Window's password at one time or another, or maybe you inherited a computer from someone else and can't log in.  Here is a way of breaking thru the frontline defenses.  Read More

3.)  How to hide a file in a picture - This little trick caters to the secret agent in all of us.  Here are some techniques to hide any type of file in an ordinary picture. Read More

4.)  Rip Streaming Videos - Maybe you want that video of the Star wars kid, or you want to grab the Blizzcon 2010 event off the net for future reference.  Here are some ways to get that streaming content onto a hard drive.  Read More

5.)  How to Hot Wire a Car - We have seen this done time and time again in movies, but here is how you actually do it.  Who knows when we will need this skill, maybe when the zombies come and we need to make a quick get-a-way.  Read More

6.)  How to Unlock an iPhone - If you have ever wanted to unlock your iPhone and free it from Steve Jobs icey grip, here is a great article on how to do it.  Read More

7.)  Unleash a Laser Pointer's full potential - Here is a nice tutorial on turning an ordinary flashlight into a laser that can pop a balloon.  Read More

8.)  Wire Your Home with Ethernet Cable - I actually have this need at the current moment and will be tackling this at some point.  Here is a great guide on how to do it without falling thru the ceiling  Read More

9.)  Pick a Lock - Don't let that unauthorized access sign get you down.  Here is a great tutorial on getting into places you thought were off limits.  Read More

10.)  The Wonderful Uses of Duct Tape - My mom uses it to secure tupperware, but here are many other uses for this amazing product.  Read More


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