Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Shattering Has Begun

Well boys and girls the time is upon us The Shattering has occurred.  No I am not talking about someone breaking dinner plates in the kitchen.  I am talking about the World of Warcraft.  After 6 years, Blizzard has finally come out with the next expansion for the game, and all of Azeroth has changed for good.  Deathwing has arisen and has wrecked havoc on all the land.  With the launch of Cataclysm just weeks away (December 7th, 2010) people are frantically getting their toons and gear in order.  There will be new races, brand new starting areas, added professions and features galore in the game.  We will have exciting new instances to run and new raids to keep us busy.  The leveling experience from 1-60 has all new content, and it is easier to level to 80 now.  Level 85 is the cap and I have heard it will take some time to get to it.  What does all this mean to the average person, probably nothing, but I figured I would share my thoughts on a game that has captured a good chunk of my time and passion.  I consider World of Warcraft to be one of the best MMORPG's out there, and I have played quite a few.

You can check out more about the new expansion here:  http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/cataclysm/


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WoW Enchanting Guide said...

The Cataclysm sure have invaded the world of war craft and in due time I'm sure special features will be added as the evolution of other characters rises.