Tuesday, August 23, 2005

DIY Underwater ROV

What's an ROV you ask? ROV stands for remotely Operated Vehicle. It is based on the commercially available Sea Fox submersible, but costs allot less ;) This is a pretty kewl project, and if I had a boat or lived near the water I would definitely build one. Who knows, I may discover the next Titanic :) Okay maybe not, but it would be fun to mess around with and get some good video footage of a pond, lake or ocean near you.

Check it out here.



klinz said...

Hi !

I'm from Singapore.

I happened to chance upon your blog and it totally impressed me. Well, i'm just a nobody but i've been blog-surfin' for the past week and most blogs turn out to be crappy. I'm serious.

Each and every of your posts fascinate me, especially the one on ROV.

Around 10 years back, I was studying shipbuilding and offshore engineering at a technical college. We locals call it a 'polytechnic'. Well in my final year, we were required to form teams and draw up designs for projects. And we chose to design and build a ROV too...

guess we weren't creative enough. We chose fibreglass to fabricate the whole chassis of the ROV. We planned to construct two cylindrical ballasts made of acrylic (think how a piston in an automobile engine works) but we ran into problems with implementing actuators and switches to work the ballast to 'suck' in and expel water.

Due to a miserly budget, we couldn't complete the project and i was totally disappointed as we could not get additional funding.

And now, 10 years later, I actually came across your design of the ROV and with so much detailed information. It kinda re-ignited my passion. haha.

I apologise for babbling so much but i seriously couldn't help it.

I'm going to place a link to your blog on mine, at http://seeded.blogspot.com

I have another blog at http://klinz.blogspot.com but its all kinda like general stuffs...

Cheers! I'll be visiting your blog again soon. (-:

David Webb said...

Thanks guys for the feedback. Let me know if there are any topics you would like to see more of. Hope everyone is having a great week!!! :)