Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Finding Warez with Google.

What are Warez?? Well Warez is a term for computer software and there are a ton of programs online just ready to be found using my favorite search engine Google :) More specifically Google China. We all know how to find a serial number or patch for our favorite application, but it is often harder to find the full retail version most times. Here are the steps:

It's okay if you don't read chinese. You just have to know some keywords to download the files successfully.

1. First, go to Google China - the trailing slash is important.

2. Key in the software name you want to download in the search field. And remember to check the following option. It tells Google to look for China only web sites (distinguished by the use of simplified chinese only characters).

3. Now, look for the following highlighted keywords:

don't worry if you don't understand what the heck they mean. The words highlighted in yellow mean "cracked version", and the words in green mean "download".

4. Follow the links. Now you will see more chinese characters! Don't worry though, their layouts are typically the same. Now keep looking for the green keywords above, they should be at the bottom of the page, or the row of the table that describes the software. You can usually get to know their ratings too. Talk about professional warez!

5. That's it!

There is absolutely no magic or advanced techniques to be used here. The root of the problem is, China has way too many warez sites run by individuals, and Google is so far still crawling and indexing them. The high number of warez sites makes Google to usually return links to warez sites on the first page of the results, some even get to ranked first. And of course, this technique can be used with Google Russia too.

The table of translations you might find useful. Of course, do not hesitate to use some online translation tools like Babelfish.

Copy and pastable keywords (in chinese. will be displayed as question marks if not properly encoded): 下载, 本地下载, 破解, 序列号, 软件, 语言, 完全版, 共享版, 免费.



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