Friday, April 15, 2005

Anonimity Is A Warm Blanket

Ever wondered who was watching your surfing habits. Maybe you are at work and downloading your favorite armadillo porn or just want to make sure you have privacy while you peruse the internet. Well by using my Favorite Browser Firefox and a little extension called SwitchProxy you can remain anonymous while going to the dark reaches of cyberspace.

SwitchProxy is a FireFox extension that allows you to ‘switch’ between anonymous ‘proxy’ servers at a chosen interval. Anonymous proxy servers allow you to mask your true IP address giving you an added layer on anonymity. Best of all SwitchProxy is free.

You can get a list of free public Proxy servers here. So run over to the links below and start downloading.

Downloads & Links:


Update: You can also use free online proxy server websites like GoProxing to surf the website anonymously.


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