Saturday, April 23, 2005

Boys Will Be Boys

Okay Gentleman, Here is some nutty college type crap that I will probably catch some flak from the ladies for posting, but oh well ;) Sorry Girls.

T-shirt Hell
I came across this site awhile back and saw they had some new T-shirts and wanted to give you update. Some of these are bigtime funny, but they also have some offense shit, so be warned. Check out the wraping paper and the Baby t-shirts.
Check it out here.

College Humor
Here is a site that has some nutty videos, pictures, and humor geared to the perverted adolescence in all of us ;)
Check it out here.

Know The Toe
We have all seen it in one form or another. Celebrities have had it, our co-workers, the chick at the 7-eleven wearing the tight sweatpants ;) Well now here is a site to share those lovely moments.
Check it out here.

More Stupid Humor
This site has allot of videos geared for the highscool/college level mind in all of us. You can see the moron who took a roman candle to the eye. The kid who ate dirt, as his bike made him do a tasty face plant...and much much more.
Check it out here.

Virtual Bartender
This site I have already shown to some of you. It is a virtual bartending site on in which you can read articles, look at HOT women, and order all sorts of things from on online bar. Try out these keywords for starters : Banana, Pillow fight, Jumping Jacks, Kiss. Use your imagination the possibilities are fun. If you have no imagination then you can get more keywords here.
Check it out here.

And lastly check this site out:

40 Reasons not to post your Pictures Online :)
Check it out here. Its freaking funny!!!


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