Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Build Your Own PVR

What's a PVR you ask. Oh it's simple, its a Personal Video Recorder. Thats right kiddies you can build your own TIVO without the monthly payments. The PVR uses open source programs like MythTV. Although, there are others out there on the net. Couple the software, with some minimum computer parts, which you may already have lying around the house, and you too can record the lost episodes of Little House. Here are some links to building it, as well as building a HTPC (Home Theatre PC's).
  1. Ask Slashdot article: Building A Low-Budget TiVo Substitute?
  2. Building a Home Theater PC
  3. Building a Killer HTPC One Step at a Time
  4. Building a Linux PVR Part I - Setup and Install
  5. DIY PVR Overview and BeyondTV/Firefly Review
  6. ExtemeTech Build It: Extreme Personal Video Recorder
  7. ExtremeTech - Build it: Rolling Your Own Tivo
  8. PCWorld: Step-By-Step: Turn Your PC Into a PVR
  9. Free TiVo: Build a Better DVR out of an Old PC


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