Monday, April 25, 2005

The Mad Modder

I figured I would post some good Tech Mods I have come across on the web. Nothing like making Technology bend down and worship you ;)

Bluetooth up to a Mile Away
Bluetooth is best known for short-range, low-bandwidth wireless jobs: connecting a cellphone with a headset or syncing a PDA or Phone with a nearby computer, but it can be hacked to boost its range up to a mile away, by replacing the standard antenna with a larger HyperGain RE05U 2.4GHz antenna ($15;

Building a BlueSniper Rifle
The gun, which is called the BlueSniper rifle, can scan and attack Bluetooth devices from more than a mile away. The first version of the gun showed up at Defcon 2004, a hacker/computer security convention held annually in Las Vegas. Here is a link on how to build it, including plans and materials list. Check it out here. Once you snag a Bluetooth connection. Three of the most interesting attacks you can perform are:

Bluesnarfing, Bluetracking and Bluebugging.

Bluesnarfing is attacking the Bluetooth device, usually a phone, to rip out information. Hackers can obtain phonebooks, calendars and stored SMS messages.

Bluetracking is tracking a person's movement by tracking their Bluetooth device. All Bluetooth devices have a unique address, similar to a MAC address on computer network cards. By using special sensors or antennas you can see where a particular Bluetooth device pops up and record a person's movement.

Bluebugging involves sending executable commands to the Bluetooth device. With the proper software, you could secretly turn on a phone and make it call you. Why is this important? You have just turned the phone into a listening device that can record without your target knowing it.

CellPhone Jamming
Cell phone jamming is illegal in the united states… but that doesn’t mean you might not be curious about how it is done, and it doesn’t mean you don’t secretly want one. :) So if you do, here is a link to a site that tells you how to build one. Check it out here.

XBOX Hacking
With xboxes being so cheap, there’s no reason not to get one now-a-days and Mod it. There are allot of different types of Mod chips out there, but if you are like me and don't like soldering tiny contacts on your Xbox's PC board, you can go the soderless route. One of the best Xbox modding websites is Xbox-Scene. Check it out here. The solderless chip I went with uses pogo pins to contact the PC board, and can be turned on or off with a small toggle switch. Most chips today come with the legal Cromwell Bios installed on it. This BIOS allows you to flash the chip with another BIOS that opens up the XBOX, so that you can play backed up games, mp3's and video and other tasks that the XBOX wasn't meant to be able to do right out of the box.

Here are a couple of links to mod chip companies:
System Mods


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