Thursday, May 05, 2005

Good Webmail Accounts

Most of you already have web based email. So why would I need another email address you ask, well most of you don't, but if some of you were looking for a new addy with 2 GB's of storage space here it is. The service is called Inbox. Check it out here. I just signed up yesterday, so drop me an email at :)

Also if anyone wants a free Gmail account let me know. I have 50 free invites. Gmail is also another kewl free email service with 1 GB of storage space. You can also do some whacky stuff with it, like have it act like an online HD, and you can even get Linux to run off of it. Be aware however that the service does use a computer bot to scan the email text and serve up ads to the right of your mailbox based on what you are typing. I haven't found it too obtrusive, but for some of conspiracy nuts out there, it might be a little unsettling ;) Let me know if you want an account. It is still in BETA right now, so they are only giving out limited access.


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