Wednesday, May 11, 2005

MP3elf DIY Ethernet Music Streamer

If you liked to play with those build-your-own-radio kits when you were a kid, you might be interested the MP3elf, which can stream music from a PC to a stereo, and is available in both kit and pre-assembled form.

You can have a single source of MP3 files in your home or office, and browse through playlists from any MP3elf. Multiple MP3elf's can access the same music and playlists, or even hook in to streaming internet radio. There's no need to transfer your new MP3 files all over the place - they can now be kept in a single location, on the music server PC.

MP3elf 2.0 Schematic
MP3elf 2.0 Component Overlay
MP3elf 2.0 Construction Guide


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