Friday, May 20, 2005

Wardriving 101

What is Wardriving?
Wardriving is the function by which people drive around looking for open wireless networks. This is accomplished by using a portable computer, wireless card, and GPS, to mark the locations of wireless access-points. Some of these access points are protected with encryption such as WEP, but many are open and usable for free.

Is Wardriving Illegal?
No. Wardriving is not a crime. The FBI unofficially stated this, as covered by Declan McCullagh's Politechbot.

How do I get started?
Grab yourself a portable computer (ie, laptop), GPS, and one of the following software packages.

BSD Air Tools
Wellenreiter for Linux
AP Scanner for MAC
mognet written in Java other tools here too
Mac Stumbler (OS X ready) Kismet works on Linux, and is pretty hardcore.

Other great Wardriving sources: One of my favorite Wifi Hotspot mapping sites is:

Wifi Maps Hotspot

Check out the networks in New Haven. There is a ton of unprotected ones, esepcially around Yale ;)



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