Thursday, May 26, 2005

WarSpying 101

What is Warspying you ask?
Warspying is the act of grabbing wireless video signals out of the air and viewing them on a monitor. There are litteraly 1000's of security cams, personal webcams, and other wireless video devices out there. Many of these are linked to the web for remote viewing. Most are not password protected and can be easily viewed with your browser and using a search string in google or yahoo.

Try it for yourself. Go to Google and try the following string:


This is a search that finds Axis webcams. You should get a listing of webcams readily available online, both public and private. There is also a website dedicated to these searches, it shows a thumbnail of the video, and where the cam is located.

Check it out here.

Another way of warspying involves building a receiver and driving around looking for video signals. Check out these sites below:

ShadowBox 3.0


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