Wednesday, September 14, 2005

DIY Segway - Self Balancing Scooter

Okay we have all seen Woz (Steve Wozniak - Cofounder of Apple) and other Tech Geeks zipping around on their Segways on Primetime TV, and thought how kewl would it be to take one out for a spin. Well maybe not all of you, but I am a geek remember so I thought it was kewl and always wanted one ;) Unfortunately however I didn't have the $5,000 bucks to shell out for one of these personal human transportation devices. Well now you can build one yourself, and its not going to cost you 5K either. Okay okay so it doesn't look exactly like a Segway, and maybe it doesn't have as much status, but it will still get you from point A to Point B and it costs a whole hell of allot less.

Check it out here


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