Wednesday, September 14, 2005

DIY Vintage Projects

Ahhh the smell of nostalga. I remember as a kid looking in the back of popular mechanics and drooling over all the cool DIY projects and plans they offered in the back of the magazine. I had visions of building my own Hovercraft, helicopter, ATV, etc. Well I came across some Vintage plans which tell you how to build some pretty cool devices for your home and for fun.

Yard & Garden:
Leaf Blower

Snow Blower
Garden Tiller

Jon Boat
Anyone's Boat
Folding Kayak
Jet Ski

Recurve Bow
Repeating Crossbow
Flat bow

Six Wheeler ATV
Airboat Snow Sled
Airboat Snowmobile
Mini Dump Truck
Go Kart Plans

Kids Toys
Battery Powered Sidewalk Cars:
Classic Touring Car
Race Car
Classic Car
Snow Toboggan
Gas Powered RC Boat Plans


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