Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Free Itunes Music Videos

Well it turns out by using a certain PHP script out there on the net, you can download complete music videos from the iTunes music store. You also have the option of downloading the smaller or larger .MOV format videos which can then be imported into your personal iTunes library.

Step 1: Open the iTMS and navigate to Music Videos in the left side column. Choose the video of your choice and right-click on either the ‘Small’ or ‘Large’ format clip. Choose ‘Copy iTunes Music Store URL’.

Step 2: Go here and paste the URL into the video field and click ‘Submit’. The resulting page will present you with a link to download the complete video from iTunes. Right-click and choose ‘Save Link As’. Make sure to rename your video appropriately.

These are high quality Quicktime .MOV files. The larger versions weigh in at about 50MB so make sure you have a lot of hardrive space if you plan on using this script.

Enjoy ;)


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